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Thinking of importing or exporting a product?

We are happy to help as we are able and where we are not we hope to help direct you to those that can.

Several cities and states have funded and operate export financing programs, including preshipment and postshipment working capital loans and guarantees, accounts receivable financing, and export insurance.

Importing or exporting product can be financed by creating specific terms of delivery and creating a biding agreement for payment if the goods are delivered as set out in that document.

A letter of credit generally provides this kind of assurance. In other words it is a carefully written letter from a bank or other agency source that guarantees payment will be made to the supplier if the specific terms agreed upon in the letter are fulfilled.

A purchase order is an agreement issued by a buyer to purchase a product or service. It creates a contract to purchase if terms of the purchase order are completed as ordered.
Many companies make use of import funding through letters of credit on binding purchase orders.

Some of the companies listed on this site can provide these and similar services. Please use them wisely.

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DS-Concept Provides $2.5 Million Export Factoring Facility to US Apparel Distributor
DS-Concept has provided a $2.5 million export accounts receivable facility to an apparel distributor in California. The client, who provides licensed products to retailers and wholesalers in Canada, Europe, and South Africa, is rapidly expanding their global presence.